Food & Energy Masterclass – How to Choose the Food Your Body Needs?


The human body is like a super computer, that exactly knows what it needs to function at its best. That is no hocus-pocus, but just how nature works.

Last Saturday was quite an eye-opener, when I went to the Food & Energy Masterclass from Inge van Oosterhout. I expected to gain some ‘knowledge’ about how food influences my energy level, but instead I experienced a new ‘method’ to choose the food my body really needs.

The setting

The class took place in the local yoga center of Breda, in the Netherlands. In the middle of the large room, blanket and pillows were placed in a circle. A table with fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and teas stood next to the circle. The smell of fresh cake filled the room and a few candles provided a cosy atmosphere.


The group

The group energy was excellent. A feeling of excitement, the love for food and the thirst for learning more about nutrition created the perfect basis for Inge to dive into the matter profoundly. The group was small so it was easy to get to know each other quickly. Seven young woman with the same crazy passion for food. I felt very grateful.


The teacher

This young lady is changing some people’s lives. That’s for sure. If you see Inge for the first time, you cannot avoid to just smile with her. Her kind-heartedness makes you feel comfortable immediately.

Some information about Inge: About ten years ago, Inges trouble with food started. One allergy followed another. Her body did not react well on sugar, meat and lactose. Being a food lover all along, she did not want to accept, that her daily food choices should be restricted to “boring” healthy food. So she went on a quest to find food that fitted her body, was healthy, but still delicious. Her journey took her from Asia to California, where she stayed in L.A., but also spend some time with Native Americans.

Especially the last two trips inspired her to start the pop-up restaurant ‘Hier en Nu’ (Dutch for ‘here and now’) in Breda. Inge believes that tasty and healthy food go perfectly well together. In her pop-up kitchen she let people experience this for themselves. It was a great success and quickly it became clear, that people were “hungry” for more. Inge started giving workshops and last Saturday the first Masterclass Food & Energy.

What did I learn? (spoiler alert)

The human body (also yours) is like a super computer, that exactly knows what it needs to function at its best. That is no hocus-pocus, but just how nature works. Your can see this ability in wild animal and how they are able to find the food they needs to survive.


The problem with processed food is, that our body is not able to “decode” what is in it. In the last centuries we totally lost our natural ability to choose our food based on intuition. No wonder we get snack attacks. Our body is longing for nutrients, but is not able to tell us, what food it needs. Luckily this ability is still present in everyone. It just needs to be reawakened. How can you do that? There are basically two steps you need to take:

Step 1: Go back to eating as naturally as possible. Avoiding processed food and choosing things that are naturally grown. So fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes are always a good choice. And if you feel that you need meat and fish, make sure that it is not processed and if possible biological.

Step 2: Tune in to your body and literally ‘feel’ what kind of food you need and if a certain food can saturate that need. Before you start this exercise with food you can try something else that is a little easier:

Go and sit cross-legged or stand up in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. In your thoughts say the sentence: “I am [insert your name]”. After saying that, you should have a feeling of accordance. Next, say the same sentence again. But instead of your own name, say the name of someone else. And, did you feel something? : This is your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for choosing the right food for you at that moment of time.

During the master class we did a couple of exercises to experience and reawaken this intuition. If you live in the Netherlands or Ibiza, I recommend you to contact Inge about the dates for her next masterclass. If you are not that lucky, you might want to get the book The Five-Elements Wellness Plan by Barbara Temelie for a start in healthy and natural eating.


If you have any question concerning the this article or the masterclass, just leave them in the comment box below. I will reply as quickly as possible.

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Photos by FOTOLOET and Freepik

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