How Giving Compliments Boosts Your Self-Confidence


It is not only fun to give compliments, but it can also increase your self-confidence. Compliments and confidence are a very good combination. Want to know more? Read on!

Giving and receiving compliments

There are two sides to compliments. You can give them and you can receive them. You would think that receiving compliments affects your self-confidence. But giving compliments might have an even bigger effect!

How do compliments increase self-confidence?

Heartfelt, specific, and unexpected compliments can really make your day. You have to learn to receive a compliment the right way and to let it affect you. And that can be very scary, especially for people with a lack of self-confidence. These people often reason their way out of a compliment (what does he want from me? She is just making fun of me) and that can make them more insecure. Luckily, practice makes perfect, also for receiving compliments! Do you know someone who could use a little more self-confidence? It could work to compliment this person regularly, and then discuss the compliment you just gave, so the person can feel you mean the compliment. If the receiver knows you are for real, and not kidding, it could have a nice effect on their self-confidence. But make sure you give these compliments only when you are sincere, when you can make them specific, and when they are unexpected.

Giving compliments

For someone who needs more self-confidence, it might be even better to learn how to give good compliments. A lack of self-confidence, sometimes, results from a negative outlook on life or from perfectionism. When you compliment consciously, you also have to look into the positive aspects of life. If you start handing out a compliment every day, you have to start looking for things worth complimenting. You need to wear rose-colored glasses, instead of the grey ones you are used to. Giving compliments also teaches your inner critic (do you know yours?) that it is not always necessary to be critical. And if you hand out sincere compliments, you will also be more open to the compliments you might receive, and trust people mean what they complement you about! So, why not try it?

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