How Gratefulness Is Essential For Your Success



Honestly, a society of instant gratification suits me very well. Sending out a mail and receiving a reply within hours or even minutes is something I love. Typing a question into the Google search box and receiving an answer within seconds … oh boy you can make me happy. Getting results within no time is part of our daily life, isn’t it? (Un)fortunately, there are things that need time to develop. Rome wasn’t build in a day, wasn’t it? But how can we find balance between our fast-moving society and slow-but-steady growth?

The pitfalls of impantience

I am now five months down the road of having my own business. If you want to get to know yourself, just become an entrepreneur! Trust me, there is no better way to learn about your greatest weaknesses. Mine is impatience. Impatience can be a great trait if you have to push forward. But some things need time to grow. Building a business isn’t done overnight. Having a large client portfolio isn’t done in a week and a business that can sustains itself, might take years.

It all comes back to gratefulness

Eventually, patience is about being grateful. When you are grateful about the thing you already have, you focus on the good things in your life. Putting your attention to the things that work well will change the way you think, feel and act. Focusing on things that work well, will make them bigger, with the result that you feel much more satisfied.

I find this very difficult at times. Especially, when I think about my business. These are the moments that I have to remind myself about the things I already have … the wonderful group of clients, the privilege to work from everywhere in the world and to be able to do what I really love.

How about you? Are you impatient or can you take it slow? What are the things you are grateful about? Let me know in the comment box below. I am looking forward to hear from you!

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