Let’s Talk About Vegetable Smoothies


“Eat your veggies!” You have heard it before. In your busy modern day life, it’s not always easy to eat enough vegetables. Luckily some foodies thought of the veggie smoothies: basically put some veggies with some fruits(juice) in a blender and you can drink your daily vegetables in no time.

Busy schedule and vitamines

I like to eat healthy, but with my busy schedule it is not always easy to eat enough vegetables. I usually get up half an hour before I have to catch the train, so breakfast is a challenge. During the week I try to eat healthy when I’m at the office, but I still think I could eat more vitamines. Especially because I have so little time, I should eat healthy. Vitamines make sure I don’t get sick and tired from running around all day.

New morning ritual

Since I like to get as much sleep as possible, I’m not planning on getting up early to make a vegetable smoothie. Instead I blend some delicious fresh and healthy veggies and fruits in the evening and safe it in a big bottle. The bottle will last for about three days. The idea is that I drink a glass of vitamines before I leave the house from now on.

Making fresh green smoothies

I got myself inspired by some recipes. But since I’m not very good at following the rules, I altered most of them a bit. What I learned is that you basically need a liquid like water/green tea/coconut water (otherwise you will get a thick undrinkable veggs and fruit puree) veggies, fruits and some “boosters” like ginger, herbs, seeds or all together.

The most drinkable veggie smoothies

Vegetables are not sweet. I had to get used to the “green” taste of the colorfull drink in the morning. Turned out that I need some fruit in smoothies for some sweetness. I tried a lot of combinations and for me, these are the best ones:

Orange Power Smoothie

3 carrots
1 small glass of water
1 ripe Banana
Tea spoon of Turmeric (or fresh if you can find some)
1 cm fresh ginger
Lemon juice of half a lemon
1 glass of almond milk

Green Freshness Smoothie

3 sticks of celery
1/3 Cucumber
Coconut water (as much as needed for a smooth smoothie)
1 Kiwi
Juice of 1 lime

Red Imune System Booster

3 red beetroots
1 carrot
Juice of 1 orange
Chilled green tea (as much as needed for a smooth smoothie)


What are vitamines actually good for?

We know vitamines are healthy, but why does our body need them? Basically because our bodies can’t produce vitamines for themselves. Through time we always ate food which contained vitamines, so our bodies never learned how to produce vitamines.

Two types of vitamines

There are different kind of vitamines, but you can devide them into two groups: fat and water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamines (like vitamins A, D, E and K) are stored in the fat tissues of our bodies. Some will stay there for a couple of days and some even for a whole month! So from now on you will love you love handles, because they contain important vitamines.

Water soluble vitamines (vitamins C and all the B vitamins) don’t have a place to live in your body. When your body doesn’t use them, they will leave you when you go to the toilet. That is why you need to eat those vitamines on a daily basis.

Don’t forget the B when you’re a vegetarian or eat vegan

As a vegan or vegetarian, you’ve probably heard that you need to be careful about eating enough B vitamines. Those can be found in meat, but don’t worry! Grains, sunflower seeds, brown rice, asparagus, kale, cauliflower, potatoes, oranges, and eggs are full of B vitamines too.

Why you should drink your veggie smoothies with (olive) oil

Back to the smoothies. This might sound weird, but you can make your smoothies even healthier by putting some (olive) oil in it. Only in smoothies with the fat soluble vitamines. When you do not eat enough fat, you can eat as many veggies as you’d like, but your body wont process the vitamines. The fat makes sure your body can store the fat soluble vitamines and make them do their job like giving energie and produce new body cells.

I love vegetable smoothies

With a busy schedule and a love for healthy food, vegetable smoothies are the way to go for me. And it fits perfectly in my healthy food philosophy: eat as varied as possible and when it’s about vegetables: eat as much different colors in a week as you can and with the smoothies I can make as much different colored smoothies as I like.

Do you like vegetable smoothies? What are your favorite recipes and do you have other clever ways to eat enough veggies on a daily basis?

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