Natural Cleaning – It’s More Than Just Lemons and Vinegar


So, guess what? Conventional cleaning products are a real burden for our environment, and eventually for ourselves. And, why do you think that is? Toxic chemicals end up in our water system and flow into rivers, lakes, and oceans. However, it doesn’t stop there because all our food is connected to the water system. Eventually, these toxic chemicals will end up in our bodies.

I met with Daniëlle Smeijer, the founder of Nura Nature, and an expert with regards to natural products. She said, “After you wash your dishes with soap, the water ends up in the sewer system and eventually in the ocean. Very often, dish soap contains toxic ingredients. The fish you have on your plate for dinner, drink this water”.

However, we are not doomed! There are already several products available, which are sustainable and work as good or even better than what your are used to. So, there are no worries, and you don’t have to clean your house with lemons and vinegar.

What makes a cleaning product sustainable?

One of the leading companies, which offers sustainable cleaning products is Werner & Metz, from Germany. Daniëlle owns a webshop, which offers 100% natural cosmetics, body care, and cleaning products. Among others things, she choses to work together with Werner & Metz because of their vision and philosophy regarding sustainability. She told me:

“You can always choose the cheapest way to do something. But eventually that has an effect on yourself and the Earth. I believe in Werner & Metz because they take responsibility in every aspect of their business. The company building of Werner & Metz is 100% sustainable. Instead of heating and air conditioning, they use trees and other plants to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Their bottles are made of PET. Werner & Metz purchase the plastic, that they use to make the bottle, from recycling organizations. In their production cycle a bottle stays a bottle, stays a bottle, stays a bottle. For me this creates trust in them and their products.”

Several of their products have received the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate. Basically, this means that their products are outstanding when it comes to material reutilization, energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.


Aren’t lemons and vinegar a better option?

A few years ago, Danielle started her own journey of living more in tune with nature. Back then it was really difficult for her to get eco-friendly products. So she decided to open her own webshop, which offers only natural, plant-based, cruelty free, and organic products.


I asked Daniëlle if you could not just use lemon and vinegar or other natural products. I thought that these are even more sustainable, as they grow naturally. She told me that in the past, she did use natural products, but came to the conclusion that professional cleaning products are much more effective. She stated, “Natural remedies like vinegar and lemons are great for so many things. However, I recognized that professional cleaners do not only clean better, but their effect lasts longer than that of, for example, lemons or vinegar. The advantage of professional cleaning products is, that the proportion of the ingredients is perfectly adjusted to their purpose.”

IMG_7257The test clean-up

Daniëlle was so generous to give me a couple of her products from the Green Care Professional line for a test. Thus, I scrubbed and cleaned our bathroom, which was quite a mess, to be honest. These are the results:

I used the Green Care Sanet Zitrotan and a micro fiber cloth. To be honest, this may sound like a cheap advertisement now, but the results were seriously amazing. We have a lot of lime in the water, and therefore, a lot of lime scale in the shower and sink. Usually, I would bring the big guns, like chlorine, and would almost “die” because of the toxic smell. The Sanet Zitrotan had a pleasant, gentle smell. I only filled a little spray bottle with about 250 ml water and a short splash of the Sanet. This was enough to get rid of the lime scale in the entire bathroom. To be honest, I didn’t think of taking any before and after pictures, as I didn’t expect such great results. So, I owe you that one. I am seriously surprised how well it works. And, if I can believe Daniëlle (which I do), this will last longer than it would with conventional cleaning products.



Now, you’re probably thinking, “But what does that cost me?” Surprisingly, it costs very little. The price for a bottle from the ‘Green Care Professional’ line will be between €3,- to €8,- and lasts up to nine months – if you’re not going totally nuts cleaning your house.

Where can I buy natural cleaning products?

If you live in the Netherlands, you can order Green Care in Daniëlle’s shop, but also in several other stores. If you live in Germany, you can get their products in most supermarkets and drug stores under the name ‘Frosch’. Additionally, Werner & Metz have subsidiaries all over Europe and exports in many countries around the world. Have a look at their website for more information. Most importantly, just keep looking for their red frog with the little crown.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them in the comment box below. I am looking forward hearing from you.

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  1. You really got me when you were saying about cleaning the bathroom with the toxic products. I was doing it again last week and had to open a window and cover my mouth with a cloth. I have ordered the sanitary cleaning product and the all purpose cleaner. Really curious if it is working as well as you describe. Never thought I’d say it but I am actually looking forward cleaning now 🙂