Quotes That Inspire: Doing What Feels Right


Last week, I made a decision that wasn’t easy … but felt right.

I said, I wouldn’t work for unsustainable companies anymore. I said, that I would say “no” if Shell knocked on my door with a job.

It wasn’t Shell that knocked on my door last week, but an international player in the adhesive industry. This company is busy introducing a new product to a foreign market, and I got asked to help with the launch.

To be honest, when I heard about the product for the first time, a little voice in my head told me this was not a sustainable nor responsible product. In my opinion, it will be even less sustainable than existing products.

However, I just started my own business, and I am not (yet) in a financial position to be selective with my clients. So I agreed to meet with the person responsible for the project. We talked about the details, and even though I felt not 100% comfortable with the job, I agreed to do it.

Last Monday, I did what I should have done immediately. I called the person in charge to let him know I would not help with the launch. At first, it didn’t feel like a good decision. Letting someone down is not something I feel comfortable with. I usually do what I say and say what I do. But in this case, it wasn’t 100% clear what I wanted.

You might say the product launch will happen anyway, so what does it matter if I work on it or not. Well, for me, it matters. I want to put all my energy into people and companies I believe in. Putting time and effort in projects that align with my values was the reason I started working for myself, because I wanted to be 100% in control of where my energy goes. This is not so much about sustainability. It is about believing in something and living by your purpose.

This job would have felt very good on my bank account, and that is why I took it in the first place, but it just didn’t feel right.

Always on a quest to try new things. Nicole gets excited about everything that is organic, healthy, fairtrade, waste- and cruelty-free. She strongly believes that we are happier and healthier if we live more naturally. This is why she aims to give you better insights on how to live a happy, healthy and responsible life.