Quotes That Inspire: About Change


If you recognise something that bothers you in the world and if you decide to do something about it, you’d like everyone around you to do the same. After I decided to go vegan last year, I couldn’t understand, why people around me didn’t get what I was doing. Not to mention why they didn’t think the same way. It took me a while to understand that everyone lives their own truth. The world is full of wonderful people and ideas. Who am I to decide what is right or wrong?

All I can do is living up to my own principles and look for people who have similar ideas and values. I try my best to live this way. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. The crazy thing about this is, that the people around you will change. Surely, some of your old friends will go away and new ones will come. But the most beautiful thing is when an old friend calls you to ask about some vegan recipes for a dinner, she wants to cook for her friends. As the Persian Poet Rumi said: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I change myself.”

Always on a quest to try new things. Nicole gets excited about everything that is organic, healthy, fairtrade, waste- and cruelty-free. She strongly believes that we are happier and healthier if we live more naturally. This is why she aims to give you better insights on how to live a happy, healthy and responsible life.