The Detox Experience – Part 1


In order to give my body a serieus clean-up and reset, I signed up for my first detox course.

It was an exciting year so far. After finishing my second study a couple of months ago, I decided to take things a little slower. Meaning, less working in the office, but more soul searching and more taking care of my body. Now, I take the time to sport a couple of times a week, go to Yoga classes and totally changed my nutrition. Giving my body a reset with a Detox feels necessary.

The course, I signed up for, wil last four weeks, will be with about 25 other participants and takes place at the Yoga School Breda. I go there at least ones a week for my Hot Yoga classes. Marcel, the owner of the school and my Yoga teacher, was super enthusiastic about this course. I was always a bit cautious about everything that had to do with detox. Mostly, because I did not really feel like drinking just juices for days. However, this one seems a little different.

Yesterday (monday), we had the first meeting with the group. Marcel gave everyone three empty teabags, the course book and 4 small bags with fibre and herbs, morning tea, evening tea and epsom salt. The precise ingredients of the fibre, herb and tea bags will remain the secret of Marcel. What does not kill us, makes us stronger, right?

During the next weekend, we will start with two of the four teas. One will make sure that all the leftovers that stick to our bowel wall get nice and soft. The other tea will make sure that these leftovers come out. The week after we will repeat the whole thing for two days and also add the epsom salt and the fibre and herbs. I expect that it will be a relieving experience.

What are(n’t) we going to eat?

The first two week count as preparation phase and are not to much of a hassle. Marcel advised us to try out some of the meals in the course book, to buy all the ingredients we are allowed to eat and to slowly cut out the “bad” food like sugar, salt, coffee, meat and fish, dairy as well as bread.

After that follows the 10 days detox phase. During these 10 days we are allowed to consume 50 different ingredients. We got a list, which is divided in fresh greens, fresh fruit, beans, super foods, grains, grease and herbs. It is strongly advised to NOT eat anything that is not on the list.

My diet is mostly sugar-free and consist to 95% of vegan food and 5% of vegetarian food. So the meat, fish and dairy products won’t be a big problem. For me the challenge will be to leave out salt, bread, crackers, rice cake and some types of nuts, but also honey and sugar (chocolate … nooooo …), alcohol and coffee. I am also a big fan of fried vegetables. This will be a no-go during the detox phase. All ingredients are cooked or steamed. However, it is possible to add ghee or olive oil to the vegetables afterwards. I try to see it as a challenge to create something tasty with the available food. Hopefully that works out and my body and my mind will like it.

Marcel promised that we will feel light and shiny after a couple of days. So I am very curious about that. I will keep you up to date about my experiences.

Have you done a detox? What where the challenges you had to overcome in the beginning? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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