The Vegetarian Butcher – The Next Big Thing for Meat Lovers


Is plant-based meat the dinner of the future?! A lot of people seem to think so as the recent success of The Vegetarian Butcher shows: A crowdfunding campaign for their new factory brought the company €2.5 million within only 3 weeks.

The Vegetarian Who … ?

The Vegetarian Butcher started its business in 2010. Their goal is to have meat enthusiasts experience that they don’t have to miss out on anything if they take meat out of their diet for one or more days. That is why they try to capture the flavor and texture of real meat. So it’s perfect for the average meat eating family, that is looking for meat substitutes that taste like the real deal.

Last Sunday, the new factory building was inaugurated. Investors and anyone, who was interested, were welcome at the event. I use their products on a regularly basis, so I went there, curious to learn more about the company.

And wow what a surprise awaited me, when I arrived there. It was a wonderful sunny autumn day and I had not expected that so many people would show up on a sunday afternoon. Nevertheless, I think no one was disappointed as we were spoiled ripe.

A meatless feast

Already at the entry we were welcomed with a typical Dutch treat: (meatless) sausage in puff paste. Mmmmh … But it did not end there. It was a real feast. There were several pop-up stands with super delicious food: Meatless hamburgers, vegetarian bratwurst with Sauerkraut, a rice dish with vegan chicken and tortilla sin carne. I tried everything and I can tell you, one dish was more mouth-watering than the other. Here are some impressions of the event:














Coming soon – Meatless steak

Additionally, a new beef substitute made from soy was introduced during the event. The Wageningen University in the Netherlands developed this meatless beef version. The Vegetarian Butcher took it over and will make it production ready within the next two to three years. You can find more information about the plant-based beef on the website of the Wageningen University. And this is, how it looks:



I believe that companies like The Vegetarian Butcher a really onto something. Due to research like the one of the WHO Red and processed meat are probably carcinogenic to humans, more people will look for meat-less alternatives. Especially, since the options are endless and VERY tasty. The times, that you would think that a meatless diet means to nibble lettuce leaves are definitely over.


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