Your Body is a Super Computer!


The human body is a super computer. It knows exactly what it needs to eat to be healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there is a little problem. Your body is not able to “decode” processed food and, as a result, your digestive system can’t use it like natural food. Thus, you get snack attacks and keep eating the wrong food. Food that will make you sick in the long-term. Your body longs for nutrients, but it can’t tell you what it really needs.

Over the last centuries, we have completely lost our intuition to choose the right food. An ability that you can still see with wild animals. Wherever they are, they will always find the food they really need, naturally. This is no hocus-pocus, but just the way nature works.

Luckily, this skill is still present in everyone, also in you! It just needs to be reawakened. How? Just read further!

Back to basic

A couple of months ago I followed a Food & Energy Masterclass from Inge van Oosterhout here in the Netherlands. It was a real eye-opener and completely changed the way I select and prepare my food.

During the course, we did a couple exercises to relearn to listen to our body and to choose the food our body really needs.

Step 1: Eat naturally

Firstly, eating as naturally as possible is the best way to rediscover your eating intuition. This means avoiding processed food and choosing food that is naturally grown.

At least half of my weekly groceries consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes (preferably dried), but also (whole meal) rice, (sweet) potatoes, or quinoa. If I buy meat or fish for my boyfriend, I prefer it biological and unprocessed. Additionally, I buy nuts and dried fruits as healthy snacks. My favorites are dates. (Be warned, they are highly addictive.)

I know, sometimes, it is more convenient to buy processed food. However, I made it a habit to check the ingredients list on every package I buy. I avoid food with E numbers, food that is not naturally grown, or ingredients I do not understand. I am also very careful with sugar and salt. These additives are used to add taste to food. Unfortunately, we end up eating more than is good for us.

Step 2: Tune into your body

This one can be a little difficult at first. It took me a couple of weeks to really get it. However, you should definitely give it a try or two!

Tune in to your body and literally ‘feel’ what kind of food you need and if a certain food can saturate that need. Before you start this exercise with food you can try something else that is a little easier: Go and sit cross-legged or stand up in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. In your thoughts say the sentence: “I am [insert your name]”. After saying that, you should have a feeling of accordance. Next, say the same sentence again. But instead of your own name, say the name of someone else. And, did you feel something? : This is your (intuitional) ‘yes’ and ‘no’. So next time before you eat something, ask yourself if this food is right for you at that specific moment.

As I said, it took me a few weeks until I could really apply it. However, after that my way of cooking changed completely. I always admired Inge for her amazing cooking skills … Now I get surprised by the delicious and nourishing meals that come out of my kitchen. And another benefit: It saves me a lot time. My own intuition is way faster than looking up recipes. So give it a try!

If you like to know more about this topic or if you need some help rediscovering your intuition, check out Inge’s website My Heart is My Home or contact her directly about the dates and locations for her next courses.

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